Black Eyed Peas x The Breakfast Club: Talk Initially Being Signed To Ruthless Records, Conspiracy Theories On Eazy-E’s Death

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The original Black Eyed Peas trio stop by The Breakfast Club studio to discuss their history as a group, their new interactive comic book and more:

– Start on Ruthless Records with Eazy-E

– How the Peas came together

– Denouncing successful hip hop artists (Hammer, Kid N Play)

– Conspiracy theories on Eazy’s death

– Their individual ethnic backgrounds

– Apl was one of the kids from Unicef commercial ($1 a day commercial)

– When they decided to put a female in the group

– Nicole from The Pussycat Dolls and Fergie were up for a spot on the Peas

– Working with Apple and other brands to launch a marketing campaign

– Naming The Black Eyed Peas

– Pressured to change their look

– New comic book

– Creating technology for the book

– “Substance in music is risky”

– Taboo’s battle with testicular cancer

– Getting the Peas story out there

– being confused for Wyclef Jean

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