Boonk x Vlad TV: Talks IG Popularity, Rapping & Doing Comedy, Popeye’s Stunt, Getting Arrested Afterwards

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In this clip, Boonk discussed his life leading up to his Instagram fame. Although Boonk couldn’t offer many details about his early life, an issue he blames on drug use, he did manage to give a breakdown of his rise to social media fame. Originally from Jacksonville, FL, Boonk was a four-sport athlete in high school, but a series of issues led to him changing schools frequently thus derailing any prospects of playing serious high school sports. He discussed how he started using drugs in high school as well pointing out how he smoked his first blunt in the 10th grade. Boonk went on to discuss his rap career and how his initial IG account was meant to serve as a platform for his music. Much to Boonk’s chagrin though, his IG page wasn’t popping, and he had to find other avenues to generate buzz. He discussed how he planned to use comedy as a way to gain followers that he could eventually convert into fans of his music. Boonk also shouted out fellow Instagram star Fatboy SSE who he credits with opening his eyes to the possibilities of the IG platform and raw entertainment. He then gives an in-depth rundown of his first viral video where he barges into a local Popeye’s Chicken and fixes his own meal.

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