TLC Talk New Music, Charlamagne Begs Chilli To Unblock Him On Twitter

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TLC rolls through the studio to chat about releasing new music and the following topics:

– Charlamagne calls out Chilli for blocking him on Twitter

– Raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new album

– Left Eye vocals getting approved

– Getting sued by Peebles

– Chilli and Charlamagne continue to go back and forth about Twitter feud

– T-Boz talks her new book she’s writing

– Chilli backlash from comments on All Eyes on Me

– Chilli talks looking for love

– Chilli’s controversial comments on Black Lives Matter

– T-Boz being on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump

– TLC’s relationship and how its evolved

– T-Boz almost fist-fighting Left Eye

– Charlamagne apologizes to Chilli

Check out the full chat below:

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