G4 Boyz @G4Boyz – Chase Bank Flow

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G4 Boyz has just released another music video to “Chase Bank Flow” following their recent success from the “Toma Remix” featuring rappers Rich The Kid, OG Maco, and Blade Brown from their mixtape “The African Plug”.

G4 Boyz has a plan for their music career and they are pushing their recent project to the maximum potential on their own. With the recent release of the single “Toma Remix” and their mixtape “The African Plug” that dropped jan. 31st, they have been able to organically raise a new buzz after some of the impressive numbers they did. In under 48 hours they received over 150,000+ plays from “Toma Remix”and 30,000+ downloads from their “African Plug” mixtape that was exclusively released on DatPiff.

The new video “Chase Bank Flow” is expected to do even higher numbers than their previous release. With them being independent artist, G4 Boyz plan to show off their talent in coming up with creative visuals without the budget or team of a backed record label.

Given that this is the second music video that Buggy has been able to direct by himself, he is very excited to show off his other hidden talents. “In this video I wanted to show our fans that we aren’t just talented as rappers,” says Buggy member of G4 Boyz. “I decided to also get behind the scenes for this video and direct how I creatively wanted the visuals to come to life.”

G4 Boyz plans to drop a series of visuals for the songs on the mixtape and hopes to make more noise in the music industry soon to come with each new release.

The “African Plug” mixtape is available everywhere including the exclusive host by DatPiff.

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