Trey Songz Talks Keke Palmer, Tremaine The Playboy, New Music & More


Trey Songz Talks Keke Palmer, Tremaine The Playboy, New Music & More

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  1. D.G.K. A[...].V[.]E. A.K.A. Game of Homes, Main Character [,which tells in the name Diamond God King A.V.E.RSACE, Gianni[?] Green] Says:

    Smoke: She’s a narcotic (If I was to care about what somebody was talking about; it would have to be if somebody said that Keke Palmer said that she want to go to the park with me. Oh yeah, and I was in the weight room the other day, right? And this woman said that Ferrari was sexy, and she looked good, too. She black, too. I was happy, because black men still going up! Oh yeah, and I got Trey Songz song Last Time. I like that song. It make me wish I had a girlfriend and an Ex-girlfriend, but I don’t got no girlfriend, but I went with some girls when I went to Moses Cleaveland on Harvard [H.V.D.!], but I don’t got no girlfriend now, and that don’t count, because that was elementary. However, I believe I need a car, because this girl said she want somebody with a car. President Obama proclaimed that we need more forms of transportation. I read Maxim, though. I like them spaceship cars like Ca$h Out Quis be on. Oh yeah, and I like that car in the I’m the Man video. That Rolls in Maxim for real. 50 you could probably get with the chick on the cover that months Maxim, because you got a car in the magazine. It was either supermodel Nina Agdal or supermodel Jasmine Tookes Maxim cover. Oh yeah, and I heard [singer Rob] was talking about Chris Breezy is more like him then you, but Last Time is one of my favorite song. I really wish had a girlfriend and a ex-girlfriend, and some money so I can go to a hotel…Ooohh, my ex-girlfriend can’t have no felony, so that she can get a job at a fancy hotel like the one in the video. )

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