Star Tells Ebro He’s Going To Slap Peter Rosenberg & Says He Can Get It Too.

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As we previously reported, VladTV captured exclusive footage of Star confronting Ebro at the recent Total Slaughter battle event. We initially ignited a firestorm of fan interest when we posted an Instagram photo of them together discussing past issues while at the event. Despite what some doubters were saying in the comments on Instagram, the footage clearly shows Star walk up to Ebro and threaten to slap his colleague Peter Rosenberg, and Ebro as well. Ebro showed no fear and countered Star’s threats by stating that he was all bark with no bite. He even stuck out his chin taunting Star to slap him at one point.

The tension was high throughout the entire exchange. Watch the video above to see how it all played out.

Do you think Star will slap Peter Rosenberg if he ever sees him?

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