Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017


Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017

Yo Gotti On 50 Cent: “He’s One Of The Smartest Business People In The Rap Game”


Yo Gotti was a guest on MTV RapFix Live on Wednesday, March 26. He chopped it up with Sway Calloway about his collaboration with 50 Cent, “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It.”

“Actually the last time I was in New York, 50 reached out to me and we chopped it up on the phone,” Gotti said. “The first time I talked to 50 I met him through Chris Lighty. Chris was like my first real manager I ever had. He took me to a 50 movie premiere. I bumped into to 50, I chopped it up with him. Keep in mind that I’m one of the biggest 50 fans too. I studied him. Business wise I think he’s one of the smartest business people in the rap game. I had talked to him on the phone two or three times. He was giving me game about the game in general. To me that was big like if I had never done nothing with him. Just the fact that he reached out to me and was giving me game because he seen what I was doing. That related to talking about doing a record. That was nothing, I knocked that out easy.”

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