Lil Debbie Speaks On Nicki Minaj’s Ghostwriters, Miley Cyrus Stealing Her Identity & Iggy Azalea Being A B*tch

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On ghostwriting
I’m never going to sit in front of a camera and be like ‘I write every single word on my verses’ because I don’t. I hate every white female artist that is sitting there fronting that they do write their own sh*t. But so may people do it. Some of people’s favorite songs that are on the radio right now are ghostwritten. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. I mean, I don’t even wanna say it, but some of Beyonce’s… Nicki Minaj, most of her stuff is purely hers, but I’ve heard from a couple of people that some of her stuff, like the tune, the way the flow is, sh*t like that might be written. I might be wrong, who knows.

On being blacklisted and Miley Cyrus stealing her identity
I feel like I’ve been blacklisted within the industry. I’m just gonna say this right now. Miley Cyrus has reached out to multiple white female rappers that I’ve been involved with and that I’ve reach out to, and people completely ignore me. I think that goes along with identity theft… It f*cking sucks. I would have rather been Miley Cyrus’ friend and would have been girly-girly with her, than to feel the way I feel towards her. I don’t wanna feel like she stole my f*cking sh*t from me. I don’t wanna feel like that, but when I see her converse with all these other female rappers I get butt hurt about it.

On Iggy Azalea
I reached out to Iggy Azalea before she blew up and the b*tch acted like she was too good for me, and that sucks.

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