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35-Yr Old Florida Mom Beats Up 12-Yr Old Middle School Girl She Says Bullied Her Kid. Gets Arrested

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For several days, cell phone video of a fight between a South Florida girl and her classmate’s mother has been circulating online, and both tell NBC 6 exclusively the fisticuffs broke out over allegations of bullying.

“This girl bullies my daughter every day,” said Irisdaly Rios, who is seen on the video punching and slapping 12-year-old Ashley Perez, whom she believes regularly picks on her daughter.

Rios said she thought Perez was looking to start a fight with her daughter after she picked her up from Hialeah Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

“She got aggressive, and I think she felt her daughter was in danger,” Perez said. She admits that she and Rios’ daughter had argued in the past, but never fought. Before they came to blows, Perez said she believed Rios was coming over to help mediate.

“That’s why I walked to the car, because usually, if it was another mother, she’ll be like, ‘Oh, what’s happening to my daughter. Let’s fix this up,'” Perez said.

The middle schooler spent Thursday at the doctor’s office getting her wounds checked out.

“I’ve got scratches on my back, my teeth is broken, and my head started hurting a lot,” she said.

Hialeah police used the video to identify both Perez and Rios at the scene. Rios was arrested on charges of simple battery.

“Everybody loses here,” explained Hialeah Police spokesman Carl Zogby. “We’d rather people go to the proper authorities if there’s bullying going on. Go to your school. Call the police before it gets to this point.”

Before police arrived, Perez said a woman she doesn’t know came over and broke up the fight. She’s now grateful that the good Samaritan stepped in. She said she’s not sure how much worse the fight would have become otherwise.

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  1. w93 Says:

    That what she deserved!you bullied her daugther for mouth,and if that mum come on nerv at this point,it’s because that lil ratchet love had The power on pore kid!that mum gonna have law issue,but she could be proud!

  2. w93 Says:

    That boy is a snitch master!And what all of you who talking like Monk on tv if it was your kids?let him handle his bizness,and if that pore child commeat suicide….

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