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July 27, 2017


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July 26, 2017

Stat Quo @StatQuo Explains Why 50 Cent Leaving Interscope Was A Smart Move & Breaks Down The Independent Game

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Former Shady/Aftermath artist Stat Quo recently sat down with HipHopDX to break down being independent vs being on a major label and explains why 50 Cent’s departure from Interscope was a smart move.

On the advantages of being independent
You can put your own music on iTunes. iTunes takes 30% of it. That means essentially they sell it for $9.99. You’re getting $7.00. Even if you go through an indy online distributor. Let’s say they take 20% and you get 80% of it, you’re still winning. So, if I sell a CD… say I just put it on iTunes. I’m getting $7.00 in my pocket for every CD I sell. Whereas if you go through a [major] label, they give you a dollar. Some change? A label is only good at building your brand to where you can go all over the world, and be who you are.

On why 50 Cent made the right move to ink a deal Caroline/Capitol/UMG.
50 Cent is who he is. What he’s doing is very intelligent. Because that brand is solidified. Eventually it’s just a natural progression. He’s as big as he’s gonna get under [Interscope]. At this time, it’s time to do something else with his career. How long is he going to stay under Eminem and Dre? At a certain point it’s like, ‘I’m my own boss.’ He’s been his own boss for a long time, but truly your own sh*t. He’s looking at Jay and Puffy and he’s like, ‘I made just as much money as them, why would I not put my own s**t out?’ Everybody knows 50 Cent.

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