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A Psycho Films Production
Director: Joe Weil
Cinematographer: Powell Robinson
Executive Producer: Dwight King
Produced by: Joe Weil & Sam Canter
Edited by: Tyler Sobel-Mason & Jack Begert


By the time you hear this, I would have probably made it
To the top, never stop pursuing greatness, that’s my motto
With an Asian model, complimenting on my cadence
I’m just tryna convince her to company me to Vegas

Yeah, you work hard, live a little, be young again
Smile at them slackers, cause babe you ain’t as dumb as them
They was busy doin’ nothin’, you was grinding on ’em
You came from nothin, now you Cinderella shining on ’em

I’ma cop you that slipper then make you dinner
And order a couple strippers, while you tuggin’ on my zipper
F**k this liquors giving me the urge to go diving
And you’re like a river but your waters clearer than Hawaii

Vulgar tendencies, prude bitches ain’t ment for me
Nude bitches, I love ’em, as long as we have chemistry
I respect your energy, I connect with you mentally
But most of all, in the bed you give me that remedy

Uh, mixing henny with some spicy a*s chicken strips
Finger licking food and hell yeah I like my women thick
511’s, I am strictly on that denim s**t
By looking at me, you’d never know i spit venom b***h

They said I’d fail cause I don’t look like a rapper
I don’t talk like a rapper, but most of these dudes actors
S**t I ain’t worried bout appealing to a bunch of civilians
Y’all don’t have to like it but you’ll feel it for real

Cause I kill it when I’m spilling my emotions on the track
These haters steady hoping that I crack
Man you’re wack, fall back like a thousand feet
I ain’t even hit my prime and you muthafuckas about to peak

F**k talkin’ ’bout all the rappers I’m ’bout to eat
I got a chip on my shoulder from those who doubted me
I love you Dad, without you this wasn’t possible
I’m my Fathers prodigal son, dodging them obstacles

I’m defying science and everything that is logical
Grind is undeniable, my goal is to inspire you
What the f**k can you tell me? I’m young and healthy
On the way to being wealthy, and ain’t nobody help me, Self Made

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