Suge Knight Punches Weed Shop Employee

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Suge Knight punched a guy hard at an L.A. pot dispensary … and we got the surveillance video.

TMZ broke the story … Suge got angry at an employee … allegedly threatening to kill the guy …. after the rapper was told to leave because he didn’t have a medical marijuana card.

When you watch the video, things start out friendly enough inside the pot shop — called Medstar Collective — but turn ugly quickly. Suge and the employee walk out and the mogul socks the guy in the jaw without warning … then storms away.

The employee filed a police report and the cops have the video. Suge is being investigated for making felony criminal threats.

Suge’s position — he agreed to make an appearance for cash and weed and they went back on the deal.

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  1. gp Says:

    well ah somebody going back to ah jail…homey don’t like his freedom

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