Jhonni Blaze @JHONNIBLAZE Shows Her Body; Speaks on Her Fiancé; Her Brand On @Thisis50 W/@JackThriller


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Jhonni Blaze for an EXCLUSIVE interview!

Jhonni Blaze speaks on growing up in Queens, being big when younger, building brand, speaks on her fiancé before the passing, sings an acapella & much more!

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5 Responses to “Jhonni Blaze @JHONNIBLAZE Shows Her Body; Speaks on Her Fiancé; Her Brand On @Thisis50 W/@JackThriller”

  1. Cocoa Says:

    Jhonni is an awesome woman, who shows everyone who she is and can be no matter what. She is strong, full of ambition and hella sexy. Don’t judge her until you get to know her for yourself. She is truth. She is who she is and it’s yours to accept or reject. Keep doing your thing Jhonni. You are loved by many, hated by few.

  2. Avenue G. Says:

    I think her and Young Jack Thriller would be raw together. She don’t seem like she would trip on the ni66a. I like her too, and she want me than I got the electoral vote and popular vote.

  3. Katherina Says:

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  4. Avenue G. Says:

    I’ on it. “I got the currency of the future, and not that Troy ave new federal reserve s**t. “Education and innovation.

  5. Avenue G. Says:

    [I heard the voice of “Jhonni”], so I watched this video. More underworld info. Oh yeah, and urrrhh (ask Brotha Lynch Hung is using that “uurrrhhh” s**t).

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