HOT 97 THE REALNESS: 50 Cent & Fat Joe – A Good Sign For NY HIP-HOP

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“This is about more than a good song, and it’s definitely a dope song. They sound great on the record and that’s awesome. I hope it leads to more from them,” Peter said. “But that’s not what’s really exciting in this moment. Fat Joe and 50 have already had huge successes. They’ve already made tons of money. What makes this so exciting is that getting them together signifies the end of an era of New York being divided. This signifies a new era of New York hip hop being together,” he continued. “By them coming together means there’s hope for the future. There’s hope hope the Joey Bada$$’, the Troy Ave’s, the Flatbush Zombies’, the A$AP Mob’s, the Mack Wilds’, the Bodega Bamz’s, The Action Bronson’s. This brings all of us together moving forward.”

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