Lord Jamar Believes Drake Would Beat Kendrick Lamar In A Battle

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“Y’all n*ggas go ahead and battle. Y’all got some sort of emcee beef, then battle,” Jamar said. “Y’all are not tough guys where you need to be fighting and all that type of sh*t. That sh*t’s corny anyway. You both feel like you’re some sort of lyrical prodigy’s. Show and prove.”

Jamar said he would have to lean towards Drake if the two did battle because he’s more talented overall.

“I’ll be honest I’m more acquainted with Drake’s lyrics than I am of Kendrick’s lyrics. He be saying some sh*t. Almost always kills it” Jamar continued. “I might have to go with Drake. Send me some more Kendrick sh*t and I might change my mind later. Probably all around [Drake is better]. At the end of the day it’s not just about how well you can rhyme. It’s about making songs too.”

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