Remo The Hitmaker’s @remothehitmaker New York City Campaign – Press Conference [@newwavemusicinc]

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New Wave Music Presents – Remo The Hitmaker’s New York City “5 Borough Campaign!” Press Conference.
Remo begins his journey to bring New York Hip Hop back to the forefront where it needs to be, follow the movement as Remo & New Wave Music join forces with some of New York City’s elite artists to bring back that classic sound that has been missing for years…
Be on the look out for Remo’s campaign to hit ALL 5 Boroughs of NYC!!

Directed by: Jayonez
Shot by: Che Pierre & Behind The Lens Tv



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  1. Hnr Says:

    The azeleas and daiofdfls are beautiful I had no idea they were even out yet! None around here cept for a bright yellow something or another that might even be a weed, there’s so much of it.But you just can’t call this spring, not with weather like today. And yesterday. I’m bundled up in my wool scarf and fur boots again and trying to stay out of the rain. Sniff.Your shots are beautiful. I so love the city.Bella (rushed over from tweetdeck, of course. What did I do before?!)

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