Daylyt Talks Choking Out Rapper During iBattle Match

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Daylyt was involved in some controversy at his past iBattle Worldwide battle vs Cityy Towers when he and fellow battler Suspense engaged in a choking match, and he sat down with VladTV to explain the story. Overall he felt as though it was a good battle and that Cityy Towers put on a strong performance, but he felt as though his presence turned iBattle into a Summer Madness type of event.

Daylyt explained how he only meant to show Suspense respect for a past battle he had with Daylyt’s associate, but that Suspense mistook Daylyt’s action as an attempt to “mark him out.” As a result Daylyt and Suspense engaged in a heated choking match.

Listen to the full story from Daylyt’s perspective above.

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