Tashera Simmons @TasheraSimmons Talks About DMX Being So High On Crack He Once Shot His Manager

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“When we get there we knock on the door, X lets us in. He’s in this beautiful one bedroom suite, but you can’t even enjoy the look of it because as soon as you get in it’s this smell that makes you want to throw up. And a cloud. I can’t tell you how dark that cloud is that comes with that drug. The whole vibe was just twisted and he opens up the door with the gun,” Tashera continues. “He’s waving this gun: ‘Y’all seen this person out there? They’re following me.’ And I’m like: ‘Earl, there’s nobody following you we need to go. You’ve spent three days up in this room.’ X finally packs up. He has this book bag and he has his gun in the bag, but he’s holding it. We get down [to the car] and he’s panicking when he sees all the people. And he’s like: Yo, Tashera somebody is following me, I’m telling you.’ The manager’s about to lose it, scared to death. The next thing tou know we hear a pop and the manager falls on the floor. And I’m like, ‘What happened?’ So X is like: ‘I told you somebody is following me.’ I seen blood all on the floor. He’s like: ‘Somebody shot him! I told you somebody was following me.’ I go down to the floor to see where the manager was hit at, which was the foot. And you see the bottom of X’s book bag with smoke and a hole at the bottom. [He had his hand on the gun] and it’s not on safety. The manager was like, ‘Just take him…go because if they call the police,’ We jump in the Expedition and he’s like ready for was because he’s not in his right frame of mind.”

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