Loaded Lux @IAmLoadedLux on @MileyCyrus: “The Girl Can Move”


Loaded Lux addressed his many musical projects that he is partaking in outside of Battle Rap in this clip from his interview with VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes. Lux spoke on his “Bout My Money” video off of his “You Gon’ Get This Work” mixtape, and how he worked with Shaq who played a major role in the mixtape’s creation. Lux also spoke on future projects he has in the works and he’s certainly got some new fire in the works.

Given how often she pops up in the media these days, Hughes just couldn’t resist asking Lux about his thoughts on Miley Cyrus. Lux stated that he has been impressed with her past twerking moves and that she is just having fun at the moment and he hopes she keeps dancing.

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  1. Royalurbanunited Says:

    yeah she has fun when she twerking and she knows how to twerking good. seen many twerks but they failed sometimes.

    Nice interview =)

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