Pinky Denies Rumors Of Chris Brown Hook Up

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Pinky sends VladTV an Exclusive video to deny rumors of her and Chris Brown hooking up.

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  1. clevelandchief Says:

    Pinky came to cleveland one time right , so I went to the club she was at because it was my spot Rightr up on Harvard and Lee… I was feeling good off liquor and weed and s**t and me and my girl went and found her up in VIP just to be in the area. We did not bother or even say waddup to her but they was in their lookin mad shook like I was about to rob or rape the b***h lol… Just a real life tale man take it how you want. I was high as f**k but I remember the fear in their eyes. I’m like s**t I worship that b***h I wouldnt do nothin foul to hear unless she wanted me to…. Peace

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