Jay Z @S_C_ – Made In America Festival [Full Documentary]

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Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard gives us a wonderful look at Jay Z’s inaugural 2012 “Made In America” festival in his new documentary.

We get a behind the scenes look at artists who participated in the 2-day event like Odd Future, Jill Scott, Rita Ora, Janelle Monae, Skrillex, Pearl Jam, Gary Clarke Jr., Run DMC, Santigold, Kanye West and Jay Z himself.

“Made in America is a bigger idea than just a concert,” Jay Z says. “After these great tragedies, creativity is born, and I feel we are in that period right now, where people are pulling themselves up by the bootstrap and saying ‘Okay, I’m going to go out and do this, and we’re gonna do it our way. I believe every human being has genius level talent. There are no chosen ones. God has given every single person a genius level talent. You just have to find what it is that you are great at and tap into it.”

Howard captures footage of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Mayor Michael Nutter and food vendor Nicole Zalewski talking about the economic impact the festival will have on the city of Philadelphia

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