Xzibit @xzibit, B-Real @B_Real & @IamDEMRICK (Serial Killers) – First 48 (Official Music Video)


Following up from last week’s “First 48” behind the scenes, here’s now its full version. “First 48” is the first official visual off Serial Killers’ forthcoming mixtape, out October 31.

To coincide with the song, “First 48”, directed by Matt Alonzo (Pusha T, Tyler The Creator, The Game, Ice Cube, etc.), takes the three MCs on a mission to torture and dispose of their victims. The track, which is the intro of the project, is produced by the Futuristiks and Sir Jinx.

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  1. Tommy Says:

    Some good points there. It seems the only point in rekaming many films is because Americans don’t like subtitles (in fairness, neither do many Irish filmgoers). The Beat that My Heart Skipped is phenomenal, you’re right. The Thing is a perfect example of returning to a premise that wasn’t fully capitalised and doing it properly. Here’s another- David Cronenberg’s The Fly.Speaking of Carpenter, his sci-fi movie They Live is ripe for a remake. It’s a simple, fun premise with subtext that could have done justice with a bigger budget, better actors and a sharper script.

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