LOL: Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg kicks The Realness On Miley Cyrus/Juicy J’s Baby

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“Let me just start by saying I know this rumor is not true. In fact it has confirmed to be made up, but I am running with this until it actually happens,” Rosenberg joked. “Move over North West. Sit your tiny baby butt down Blue Ivy. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby George, take a hike. It’s all about the made-up child between Miley Cyrus and Juicy J, a.k.a. Ratchet Baby. I cannot wait for Baby Twerkster a.k.a. Moussey J or Miley Mafia to join the world. This baby will combine the talents of Juicy J and Miley Cyrus. Talents of which we don’t even understand yet ’cause we don’t know what they are. But one day we will have a new baby to lead us to lead us into the future.”

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