Messy Marv @LilPaperdUpMess Speaks To @vladtv On Robbery & Brutal Assault In Reno On

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VladTV managed to lock in an exclusive interview with the Bay Area’s Messy Marv, to get him to open up on the unfortunate violent robbery that he had to suffer through in Reno. Earlier this month a bloody image was posted on various social networking and media sites of Marv laid out on a hotel room floor bleeding badly from his mouth. The white t-shirt he was wearing had large blood stains on it from the robbery in which he was assaulted and held up at gunpoint.

Marv spoke exclusively to VladTV over the phone to detail the events that took place in full from his perspective and shed light on the backstory behind the grisly video. While he stated during the interview that he had a concussion, he is certainly lucky to be alive after that brutal attack.

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