Lil Cease Recalls Being 16 & Biggie Smalls Not Letting Him Meet Michael Jackson “I Don’t Trust Michael With Kids”


“[Biggie] got a call from Puff to go record a song with Michael Jackson,” Cease said. “We was in L.A. smoking all that good green stuff riding down Sunset. We got that call and he was like: ‘Yo, we gotta go to the studio real quick and do this song with Michael Jackson.’ You know, I’m sitting in the back high as giraffe a$$, like, ‘We going to do a song with Michael Jackson,’ I’m thinking he playing. We pull up to the studio. It wasn’t like the other studios we went to. It was gated. It was like a house,” Cease continued. “We get in there and the studio was in the guest house, away from the house. Right before we pull up I’m getting excited like, ‘This sh*t is real.’ I’m 16-years old, I’m about to meet Michael Jackson and style on n*ggas. We get there and the big security guard comes out with the shades on. He comes and grabs Biggie. I’m about to walk in and Big stopped me and go, ‘Hold up where you going?’ I’m like: ‘What do you mean, I’m coming in.’ He like: ‘Nah, I don’t trust Michael with kids.'”

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