Daylyt Clowns Lil Wayne & Birdman For Fake Gang Affiliation: “I’m a Gay Blood, That’s Wayne”

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Daylyt spoke on his origins within Battle Rap in this clip from his exclusive VladTV interview, and how he battled Dizaster very early on in his battle career. He stated that he and Dizaster represent the same crew, however they both took a different path regarding their battle careers. He then opened up on his gang ties as a Grape Street Crip, and how he wound up being a part of that organization.

Daylyt concluded by addressing rappers glorifying their gang ties as if it was just for bragging rights, rather than be true to their flag and colors and represent the gang for what it really stands for. He even spoke on Birdman and Lil Wayne and their Blood ties and Daylyt honestly feels as though they aren’t a good representation for Bloods, and that they have represented their gang affiliation in the wrong way.

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