Drake Talks ‘Anchorman 2,’ Nicki Minaj, New Album, Rihanna & More On Chelsea Lately

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Drake popped up on the Chelsea Lately show on Monday, September 23, bearing all kinds of gifts. He brought a candle to set the mood, a copy of his Nothing Was the Same CD and toothbrushes.

“I had this moment this morning, it was like I was trying to figure out, like, how I could have a fresh start to my day, and I was standing at the sink and I decided I would throw out my toothbrush and start with a new toothbrush,” he said. “And surprisingly, it was like an extremely soul-cleansing experience. So, I stopped at CVS and got you the Oral B variety pack. There’s like a solid eight soul-cleanses in there.”

Drizzy also discussed Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, appearing in Anchorman 2, his Bar Mitzvah, looking like Blue Ivy as a child, his upbringing and more.

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