Star Hangs With Jack Thriller At ‘SM3.’ Talks Lady Luck’s Return To Battling & Charlie Clips + Thoughts On Possibility Of Papoose Battling

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Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes and cameraman Ellis Flynn caught up with Star, Jack Thriller and Ms. Fit behind-the-scenes at Summer Madness 3 prior to the start of the event. While talking to Star, he revealed some rather interesting news that Lady Luck will be making her return to Battle Rap in February courtesy of the URL and his company Battle Rap Media. Lady Luck recently got into a Twitter battle with the very formidable opponent, Bonnie Godiva, so maybe fans will be able to see this match-up happen in the near future.

Jack Thriller stated that the battle he was most looking forward to seeing was Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones, however he probably never expected it to end the way it did. Ms. Fit was in the building supporting her fellow QOTR battlers Jaz and Ms. Hustle, and she predicted that it would be the “best battle of the night.”

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