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Brutality: Tallahassee Police Break Housewife Christina West’s Orbital Bone During DUI Arrest


Tallahassee police have launched an investigation following a DUI arrest that left a 44-year old woman with a broken orbital bone, scrapes and bruises.

An apparently drunk woman named Christina West crashed her vehicle into a home on August 10th. Luckily, there were no injuries.

Six officers responded to the scene. Two administered a field sobriety test to West, which she failed. West was placed into the back of a patrol car. She agreed to take a breathalyzer test, but when she was asked to get out of the car West repeatedly tried to explain that she had kids and her husband needed the car seat out of her car.

The dash cam video shows cops slam Christina West, 44, face first onto the trunk of the squad car.

After several commands police took West out of her car and attempted to handcuff her. Dash cam footage shows the two officers slamming her face fist into the concrete.

The 5’6 woman screams in pain as Officer Christopher Ormerod kneeled on her buttocks while Matthew Smidt leaned on the back of her head.

The two officers then yanked West to the pavement as she screamed.

West tells them that she thinks they broke her cheek.

“That hurt so bad, I’m gonna sue your a$$,” she tells the cops. “I’m pooping my pants because you hit me so hard. My face is swollen. I think you broke my right cheek.”

“You’re fine,” one of the officers tells her.

Officer Matthew Shmidt, right, mashed West’s face into the pavement as Officer Christopher Ormerod kneeled on her buttocks.

Police Chief Dennis Jones issued a statement regarding the arrest.

We understand that the video is disturbing to watch and it is for us too. We use cameras to help capture events such as this and are making the entire video available as we continue our internal investigation. Our job is to serve and protect, and that includes victims and suspects. We regret that Ms. West was injured.

West’s attorney, Fred Conrad, promised to pursue legal action against the police.

“I can say I intend to pursue just compensation for Ms. West,” Conrad told The Tallahassee Democrat. “And I can say I intend to do it relentlessly. I intend to make the Police Department pay for this. This is wrong. And they need to pay for it.”

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