Charli Baltimore @CharliBaltimore Speaks On The Last Thing Biggie Smalls Said & Did For Her Before Passing

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“The crazy thing is I left the day before he died. I was actually supposed to be at that [1997 Vibe Magazine] event with him. Basically the last words he said were goodbye,” Charlie said. “The kind of eerie part about it is when I left Cali, I had a little job in the mall. And when I went to work that Monday. I believe it was a Saturday when [he was killed]. I had to go up to my job for something, I was pretty distraught. He had sent flowers to my job. It was really weird. And there was a card attached to the flowers. I was shaking when I saw them, so I left the card, I left the flowers. And when I went back to work and someone had stolen the card out of the flowers and I didn’t even get the chance to read it. So I don’t really know. I wanna say his last words were written, but as far as the actual word he spoke were goodbye.”

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