Kid Ink – Lottery

June 20, 2017


2 Chainz – Sleep When U Die

June 20, 2017

@MacMiller Speaks On Working W/@ArianaGrande, Celebrity Culture, New Album & More W/@hardknocktv

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Exclusive in-depth interview with Mac Miller. This is the 4th time that Mac and Nick Huff Barili have sat down for an interview. In the first installment of this segment Mac shares where he is at in his life musically and personally. Mac explains that he went through a dark period during the Macadelic tour where he hated everything because he loved the mixtape but fans didn’t embrace it the way he hoped. Mac is in a better place now and has received critical acclaim and fan support for his new album which has no songs on it aimed for radio. Mac goes on to explain his alter ego’s Larry Fisherman and Larry Lovestein and how each allow him to tap into other aspects that might not fit into the “Mac Miller” brand. Though Mac states “I don’t even know who “Mac Miller” the artist is”. As the interview continues Mac talks about working with Ariana Grande and their controversial kiss in her music video which features Mac called The Way. Part 1 of this interview ends with Mac talking about Celebrity Culture and the false idea that people have a simple identity. Although it might be easier to put people in a box Mac states that we all go through the same basic feelings.

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