Kidd Kidd @ItsKiddKidd – Life Up (Trayvon Martin & Ahlittia North Tribute)

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With the recent George Zimmerman acquittal and the tragic death of Ahlittia North, a 6-year old girl who was recently murdered New Orleans, Kidd Kidd releases a heartfelt new song dedicated to Trayvon Martin and Ahlittia titled “Life Up.”

The G-Unit emcee wonders if if things will ever get better for young black youth.

“Walking with my hoodie on, know that’s him again/Is this a blood bath that we swimming in?/Will I get away with murder like Zimmerman?” Kidd Kidd raps.

A petition has been started for the civil right prosecution of George Zimmerman by the Department of Justice. If you’re interested in signing it, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. john Says:

    this is deep

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