@2Chainz Says He Will Include A Cookbook With His New Album ‘B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time’


I’m cool enough to be comfortable in my own skin and try to educate people, so with this cookbook I’m gonna have probably about 14 to 15 meals, how ever many songs it is, that’s gonna tell you what was used to make these as far as ingredients, and cooking time and all of that stuff, and probably the pros and the cons of eating it… I’m a seafood lover, I don’t eat beef or pork, period… so turkey, chicken, that’s a lot of the recipes I use and eat every day, you know? I eat multiple meals a day… I treat this rap like a sport, that’s my angle… very few athletes eat fried food all day long, or all month long… it clogs up arteries, cholesterol, and things of that nature. Black people, the leading cause of death is high blood pressure. All that kind of comes from what you eat, so yeah, I eat salads and stuff like that.

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