@MobbDeep Talk Upcoming Books, Next Group Project & Solo Albums With @SermonsDomain

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Highlights of the show in Seattle at The Crocodile (0:00)
How they feel still being active and relevant after 20 years (1:43)
Havoc’s favorite usage of the number 13 (1:57)
If they look for advice from each other on their solo albums (2:20)
The meaning behind Prodigy’s Albert Einstein title (2:43)
What the process was like for Prodigy writing his upcoming book, H.N.I.C. (2:59)
Havoc reveals he’s writing a book and mentions the title (3:40)
The sound of Mobb Deep’s 20th anniversary album (3:58)
If this album is as big as deal to them as it is to the fans (4:41)
What they want their legacy to mean to music (4:56)

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