Pusha T Reacts to Kanye West Hitting His Head [@4yallent Parody]

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Kanye West walks into a bar, hits his head and Pusha T reacts!

On Friday TMZ posted an article with a video of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian walking in Beverley Hills avoiding photos from paparazzi. Kanye West thought he should avoid showing his face. What Kanye West should have done was look where he was going because of what would happen next. Kanye West walked straight into a street sign and was furious.

Kanye clenched his head in pain for a few seconds but later let the Kanye-rage fest begin as he warned the photographers that they should stop with the pictures.

Since Kanye West hitting his head in the original video wasn’t enough.. we thought a parody would do the job.

Pusha T is on the line receiving the news that the leader of G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye West has walked into a bar in Beverley Hills while walking with Kim Kardashian. Pusha T gets emotional.

We introduce to you… Pusha T Reacts to Kanye West hitting His Head!

Enjoy the parody!

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Shout out to http://www.youtube.com/Nadetastic44 for the instrumental remake!

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