Papoose @Papooseonline – ‘The Nacirema Dream’ Album Release Party

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Papoose’s long anticipated album Nacirema Dream is finally here street heat was able to catch up with papoose at his album release party where he performed a number of records off the album there was a moment where a fan started to cry during his performance of the record ‘Cure” and papoose brings her on stage to comfort her classic moment check it out

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Thank you Kendrick for bringing the heart back to rap. I want to hear a new track going at Kendrick until Thanksgiving and then on Thanksgiving I want Kendrick to just muredr all these rappers. I want to hear from the dudes that Kendrick called out (in the most respectful way but still). I think these guys are responding because they didn’t get called out. Like Kendrick doesn’t have love for em or respect em so they got a chip on their shoulder now.

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