Whoo Kid x Jack Thriller Perform ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Lyrics

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To continue the 10 year anniversary celebration of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Part 2 opened up with Jack Thriller and DJ Whoo Kid doing their very own rendition of 21 questions.

Throughout this segment of the interview, they play various tracks from the historical album to refresh their memory on the lyrics.

You can even catch Whoo Kid mimicking 50 Cent’s rapping technique while ‘What Up Gangsta’ is playing in the background.

When the track ‘Life’s on The Line’ came on (which was dissing Ja Rule), the DJ admitted to being cool with him before 50 came onto the scene.

In addition to vibin’ to this legendary album that put 50 cent on the map, see DJ Whoo Kid speak on the G-Unit tattoo, how he made the coin dropping sound effect, and how Fif shows him love.

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