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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

Gudda Gudda speaks on working with Lil Wayne + GTV Endorsement

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Mikey T The Movie Star Exclusive with YMCMB artist Gudda Gudda speaking about his relationship with Lil Wayne and how he started rapping + a New Endoresement Deal he is doing with Babys GTV Liquor

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One Response to “Gudda Gudda speaks on working with Lil Wayne + GTV Endorsement”

  1. Gudda Gudda = golden flow Says:

    Gudda Gudda has the hottest flow in da game. Y’all wankstas can’t touch da niggys flow…na mean my niggys. He haz it all my niggys. Da looksz da rhymes da hustle da niggy lived dat street life yo! He be da streetzzzz, he be da general in dis mofo rap shet! Y’all naggys need to salute Gudda cause he FIRE. Breaven, spittin, murkin, twirkin. He bout dat life!!! Y’all some gelous baby sittin niggys. Heard me. I luv Gudda, I ams Gudda I bes Gudda. I’m trill, so ill. Pee u niggas. I see c u niggys c in me my niggy. Guddaaaa….$$$out !! I’m straight wit it, u baby sittin niggys I’m bank Rollin . I’m skate boarding in yo faces doin Ollie’s ova ya wallets. My wallets thick niggyyy! My bicep is huge, guddas arm be huge. We in da gym, u stayin slim type niggysss. I’m a poet and u no it. I’m dis Guddas dat. U stayin flat like a gmc jimmy tire dat was poked wit my poker and Guddas he taught me! U copyin.. I’m bout dat life with bank rolls me n Gudda cause I be Gudda n u stayin wanksta!!!!!!

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