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Documentary claims serial killer Glen Rogers murdered Nicole Brown Simpson Not O.J.!

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LOS ANGELES — A new documentary says it wasn’t O.J. Simpson, but a serial killer named Glen Rogers, who murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman back in 1994.

Former football great Simpson was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend, but no one else was ever tried for the double slaying.

But now, the documentary called “My Brother the Serial Killer”, focuses on death row inmate Rogers, who is suspected of killing as many as 80 people. The movie says Simpson and Goldman were among his victims.

The documentary shows that Rogers admitted to a criminal profiler and family members that he stabbed and killed Simpson and Goldman nearly 20 years ago.

Along with his confessions, receipts show Rogers had a job near the scene of the crime shortly, before the pair was murdered.

Rogers also reportedly claimed that O.J. Simpson paid him to break into his ex-wife’s house and steal a pair of earrings worth $20K. Rogers alleges Simpson told him to kill “the b***h” if necessary.

It’s not clear if the release of the movie will mean that authorities will now investigate Rogers as a suspect in the deaths of Simpson and Goldman.

Rogers is behind bars now for the 1995 killings of two women.

The documentary airs Nov. 21 on Investigation Discovery. It doesn’t include an interview with Rogers himself, but features extensive interviews with Rogers’ brother, Clay.

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