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July 18, 2017


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July 17, 2017

Saigon Says He Wants To Punch 2 Chainz & Rick Ross In The Face For Putting Out Music Detrimental To Kids

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Saigon is fed up with a lot of today’s hip hop music and he’s ready to do something about it. During a new interview with The Breakfast Club, The Yardfather said he would like to punch Rick Ross and 2 Chainz in the face for putting out music that is detrimental to our youth.



If they don’t change the message though, for real I’m on a whole new beef,” Saigon said. “[I’d want to punch] Rick Ross, Two Chainz… everybody who is putting detrimental music to children. Because these companies market music to children and y’all know that. If you’re gonna do that put the same thing you put on a porno. You know when you go in a movie store and the porno had it’s own little section. Do that for this music because this is marketed to children. And we all know that. I did 106 & Park the other day and I was so sad to see these little young girls spitting the lyrics and some of the stuff that was coming out of their mouth. And they’re 13 and 14.”


What do you think about what Saigon’s comments?

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