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Crazy Night: Katt Williams Bombs In Denver. Hops In Crowd To Go After Heckler. Gets Booed Off The Stage

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Some nights things just don’t go your way and for Katt Williams that happened in Denver yesterday.


The comedian apparently started his show at the Wells Fargo Theatre by rapping when a fan approached the stage and started heckling him.


Katt can be seen on tape exchanging words with the heckler before getting back on the mic.



I just got diverted by this gentleman,” he told the audience. “He says I’m only doing this rap sh*t because I’m not funny. So I’ll stop right now and re-introduce myself and tell some jokes. I guess I’ll start with twenty minutes on this f*ck n*gga. And then I’ll go into the regular jokes.”


Katt then hops into the crowd to go after the heckler, but was stopped by security.


When the comedian makes his way back to the stage he goes into a tirade.


You better be glad the police helped you,” he said. “You don’t heckle at a comedy show. You’re a p*ssy! You’re a p*ssy!. I’m allowed to say that, I’m still performing. Aha the police stopped me. How funny. Wow. Wow…. That’s just how Malcolm X got shot. Ol’ p*ssy a$$ n*gga.”


The crowd started to lose patience at that point with some yelling for a refund.


I was supposed to have E-40 and Too Short on this show, but I didn’t think it would motherf*cking work, so I wanted to see. And I was f*cking right as f*cking usual,” Katt said, continuing his diatribe. “So now, when I go to San Diego and you hear that New Edition, E-40, Too Short and Xzibit came out on my show, you, Denver, will be able to say, ‘What happened?’ And why it didn’t went down the way it should have went down.”


With the crowd now booing him loudly, Katt promised they would all get their money back and stormed off stage.


Here’s the great news. Everybody in this show gets their money back. Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody. Good night!


3 Responses to “Crazy Night: Katt Williams Bombs In Denver. Hops In Crowd To Go After Heckler. Gets Booed Off The Stage”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    my grandaughter celebrated her 18th birthday being dissapointed at the very first comedy concert.She went to the show to have a good time some laughs and was dissapointed. Maybe next comedy show will be something she could remember with laughter in her heart and a smile on her face. Too bad some comedians can’t handle hecklers and be professional. Not only was it dissapointing Katt has ruined his reputation as an entertainer.

    dissapointed fan

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Katt Williams should have been more professional and used the negativity and turned it positive that’s why he will never be a great comedian such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, etc! People like him should just give up and change their profession. Comedians are supposed to be funny not angry must be drug use but that’s my opinion. I will never support him in anything he does from now on I have lost all upmost respect for this man!

    A disappointed fan

  3. Unbelievable Says:

    A group of us were at the show last and very excited to see Kat Williams. We were all beyond dissappionted at his performance and professionalism. Before the heckler even came to the stage Kat ruined the show. He was either on something or waiting for the perfect opportunity to end the show. He was rapping badly, crawling on the ground, screaming, pooring water on himself, clothes were coming off, telling the crowd how he cld have s*x with anyone he chose, talking about how no makes money like him, etc. It was a terrible show and we all lost any ounce of respect we had for him. Comedians are supposed to be funny and make people enjoy their shows! That is his job! He failed! He sucked! He’s a loser in my eyes no matter how much money he makes!!!

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