Ex-Student Justin Foster Puts Teacher, Anna Michelle Walters He Had Affair With On Blast With Naked Pics & Affair

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A substitute high school teacher in Virginia accused of having s*x with a former male student was canned after the 18-year-old posted nude photos and explicit texts online, saying they had a sexual relationship.

Officials with Chesterfield County Public Schools severed ties with the teacher, who is identified in reports as Anna Michelle Walters, and now she’s facing a police investigation about alleged sexual contact with other students, CBS affiliate WTVR in Richmond reported Wednesday.

Chesterfield schools spokesman Shawn Smith said the district was made aware of the accusations Oct. 12.

“An immediate school investigation was conducted and the substitute teacher is no longer employed as of the end of that same day,” Smith said in a release, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Justin Foster’s Twitter page. His decision to reveal an alleged affair with a former teacher drew praise from some and sharp criticism from others. He said he did it purely because ‘she deserved it.’

The alleged teacher-student tryst came to light when the student, Justin Foster, who has since graduated from Cosby High School in Midlothian, Va., posted on Twitter that he planned to reveal a “treat” to followers.

He later said he was “hammered,” and then subsequently sent tweets from his handle, @DubVeeU, that featured alleged text messages with Walters and nude photos of her, according to reports.

“For some reason you make me want to do things that I shouldn’t or wouldn’t normally do, and by shouldn’t I mean like the fact you’re so much younger than me and a student of mine,” read one text message he posted.

JUSTIN FOSTER (@DUBVEEU) https://twitter.com/DubVeeU

Former student Justin Foster posted this text message, which is allegedly from substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters, on Twitter.

Some fellow Twitter users called him a “hero” for airing the alleged relationship online.
“Just so it’s not misunderstood, I did this because she deserved it, not to gain followers or have people congratulate me,” Foster, now a freshman at West Virginia University, tweeted.

He didn’t immediately say what the teacher may have done to prod him to go public — although some students said it sounded like he wanted “revenge,” WTVR said.

Other Twitter users, meanwhile, have condemned his behavior, and he followed up Thursday, saying “I was an innocent victim of an awful s*x scandal I mean am I not?”
Walters, who hadn’t been charged with a crime, couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

A timeline and other details of the alleged relationship weren’t released by officials.
A lawyer told ABC affiliate WRIC that “age is critical in the investigation.

“If the student is 18 years old, then frankly, you’re not talking about a criminal offense,” said attorney Russel Stone.

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