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Mike Knox Clears Up Rumors About Fight With MMG’s Gunplay @ 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards “I Damn Near Broke My Hand On Him” [Audio]


G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox stopped by Philadephia radio station Hot 107.9 to talk with Q Deezy about the altercation with MMG rapper Gunplay that went down at the BET Hip Hop Awardsin Atlanta Saturday (September 29th).


Video footage emerged from the fight that showed Gunplay punching Knox in the back. Knox explains that he had just been pepper sprayed after lumping Gunplay up, but the footage doesn’t catch that part.


You know what happens in those type of situations when people are fighting. They usually pepper spray the person that’s being the most aggressive or the biggest person, and I was the biggest person,” Knox explained. “He wasn’t pepper sprayed at the time. They pepper sprayed all of us, so everybody tried to run from it and I slipped. And anybody knows that if you’ve been pepper sprayed before you can’t see anything, you can’t really talk, you’re trying to get yourself together because you’re caught off guard. And I caught a real big batch of it. So when the video starts I’m already on the ground and you can see the pepper spray in the air. Then [Gunplay] jumps up and runs over and starts to hit me in my back. So if that’s what he felt that he needed to do to redeem himself, to make it seem like he did something that’s cool, but you gotta treat it like a dope fiend.”


Knox said that when they caught Gunplay he was running from the Jeezy/Ross altercation.


[Gunplay] was running from an a$$ whooping,” Knox said. “Whatever was going on with that other situation. He was running from that and ran into an a$$ whooping. We seen him and he got a little ignorant. I guess he thought I was security and I damn near broke my hand on him. He got dealt with as if like he was gave a package, a bundle in the hood and he messed it up or he didn’t pay his credit for the dope that he be using.”



Knox explained that 50 Cent wasn’t even involved in the fight. He said that Gunplay was throwing 50’s name in there to get media attention.


I know he wanna do mixtapes and diss records and make it a whole 50 Cent/G-Unit when that’s not what it’s about,” said Knox. “It’s about you being a dope fiend and you need help. You need to go and sign up to a drug treatment program and get yourself together. You making your team look bad.

4 Responses to “Mike Knox Clears Up Rumors About Fight With MMG’s Gunplay @ 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards “I Damn Near Broke My Hand On Him” [Audio]”

  1. peter mccray Says:

    yall some bitchs who jump people its 2011 b***h~unit

  2. Andre Falden Says:

    N***a its 2012 and it is what it s n***a!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Real talk let the man fight one on one but gunplay came back put some one the floor.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    there 2 videos out there yall jumped him and 50 was seen hitting him and yeah mike got pepper spray but 1 on1 if gunplay hadnt gotten pepper spray in the second video that coke head would have probley killed mike

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