50 Cent Speaks On His Formula 50 Fitness Book, Album, SMS Audio & Street King During Interview With 102.5 KDON

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50 Cent called into Monterey, California radio station 102.5 KDON recently to talk to Eric The Funky 1. He opened up about the features on his upcoming album Street King Immortal.


[People] can expect me, Eminem… I did a song with Chris Brown on the record, Trey Songz,” 50 said. “I did a song with Ne-Yo. In the process I recorded with half of [the] music culture. I worked with everybody. In the past I hadn’t reached out to artists and worked with them as much because ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ didn’t have anyone that wasn’t in house.


Erik congratulated 50 on the enormous success of Get Rich or Die Tryin, and said that when he throws on “In Da Club” it still gets the crowds pumping in the nightclubs almost 10 years later.



The conversation then shifted to 50’s new movie Freelancers. The G-Unit boss talked about how great it was to get the chance to work with Forest Whitaker and Robert De Niro.


I always wanted to keep myself associated with projects that have artistic integrity that I can be proud of, ” 50 explained. “And having two Academy Award winning actors around me in the actual picture, you can’t have more support than that.”


Other topics covered included Street King energy drink, SMS Audio headphones, his workout routine and his upcoming fitness book Formula 50, which will be released on December 27 via iTunes and Hardcover.



Check out a description of Formula 50 below


Get fit like 50 Cent: The phenomenally fit superstar rapper reveals his strategic six-week workout plan for achieving a ripped body—and developing the mental toughness to stay in shape for a lifetime.

Survival is a recurring theme of 50 Cent’s lyrics, and his life. That’s why, with obesity rates soaring and fitness levels declining, he wants to give everyone an all-access pass to his premium plan for lifelong fitness. In Formula 50, the mega-successful entertainer and entrepreneur unleashes the power of metabolic resistance training (MRT), the key ingredient that has helped him achieve the famously buff physique that makes his music videos sizzle.

Through MRT, 50 Cent’s fitness plan breaks down the barriers between traditional weight training and cardio workouts, accelerating fat loss while building muscle and improving overall fitness. Designed for a six-week rollout for total mind-body transformation, the Formula 50 regimen builds willpower while it builds physical power. In addition to motivation, nutrition is another key element; readers will discover the unique dietary combinations that fuel 50 Cent’s workouts. Coauthored with Jeff O’Connell, health journalist and editor-in-chief at Bodybuilding.com (the world’s largest fitness website), the book delivers a payoff that goes beyond six-pack abs and flab-free pecs: This is a fitness plan that boosts energy, endurance, flexibility, and mobility. The result is a body you’ve always dreamed of—and the mindset to attain the rest of your dreams.

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