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Suge Knight’s Son, Andrew Caught Up In Lindsay Lohan $100,000 Burglary?

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It seems like Lindsay Lohan just can’t stay out of trouble. At one point the actress had a promising career in Hollywood, but now she’s in the news more for getting into sticky situations with the law.


In her latest episode Lohan has officially been named as a suspect in the theft of $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses from her friend Sam Magid’s L.A. home. Lohan says she is being framed and blames the theft on Andrew Knight, a man claiming to be Suge Knight’s son.


Andrew Knight


According to TMZ, Magid has been in touch with Knight and 1 other friend of Lohon’s. They told him that on the night of the burglary Lohan “handed them a bag with 2 or 3 pieces of the stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt. The 2 men returned the items to Magid. Other items were still missing.”

Knight has been interviewed by police, who apparently believe his story because Lohan is the target of the investigation.


Magid has been in touch with Lohan. She told him that she was on Ambien on the night of the theft, but remembers hiding some of the missing items around his house so they wouldn’t be stolen by burglars.


Magid added that Lohan told him, “I’m sorry. Please pray for me.”


Lohan is currently on probation for stealing a necklace at a Venice jewelry store. She could be headed back to jail if found guilty of this latest burglary.

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