Busta Rhymes Defends Lil Wayne’s Stance On New York, Says Peter Rosenberg Should Apologize To Nicki Minaj

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Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding Lil Wayne’s recent comments about his dislike for New York. Busta Rhymes is the most recent person to step up and speak about it.

Bussa Buss told Angie Martinez that Wayne has a reason to feel the way he does given how he was treated when he caught his gun charge and subsequently spent eight months at Rikers Island. Busta compared the situation to one he had in El Paso, Texas years ago where he had to shell out $56,000 between bail for everyone in his crew over misdemeanor charges. Because of that incident he doesn’t like El Paso and hasn’t played a show there since.

Busta also spoke about the Peter Rosenberg and Nicki Minaj beef. He said he wants Rosenberg to apologize to Nicki.

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