Nas Talks To Cosmic Kev About Sons & Daughters


Cosmic Kev sat down with Nas to talk about his song “Daughters” which appears on his album, Life Is Good. Nas also speaks on how the song would have been different if it had been written for his son.

“As a grown man talking to a young man in the making. That’s a whole different conversation,” Nas said. “When I’m talking to my daughter it’s like I’ve been single, I’ve been young, I’ve been living fast, I’ve been dating. You know, I’ve been doing what I’m doing, seeing different girls all over the world and then that day comes when you have a daughter yourself. It just hits you right in the face and just changes your whole idea about everything. You wanna protect her. It’s kinda like we’re contradicted because we’re out there doing what we’re doing living an adult life, but we don’t won’t that for our kids ever.”

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