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Birdman Has Drake’s Back In Chris Brown Beef “If You F*cking With Drake You F*cking With Us Period!” [Video]


Cash Money is circling the wagons around Drake after his altercation earlier in the week with Chris Brown at club WIP in New York City.

MTV caught up with Birdman to talk about the incident and he told them he ha Drake’s back 100%.

“Well, to me, I think n*ggas got Drake twisted. A lot of n*ggas be playin’, pitty-pattin’ with Drake. I don’t like that sh*t, period,” Birdman said. “Drake is one of us, so if you f*ckin’ with Drake, you f*ckin’ with us, period!”

Drake, Brown, Meek Mill and others got into a wild bottle throwing brawl that was reportedly sparked by a feud over singer Rihanna. No other YMCMB members were at the club with Drake during the melee and Birdman said that isn’t the way he wants his label to be seen.

“We never been the type of brand to be running around f*cking with n*ggas, that’s not us we don’t do that,” he said. “We’re into making money, we’re professionals at what we do. We go do our shows and leave. Whatever we do, we know how to stick and move make the money and go.”

Stunna added that he know the rap game can turn dangerous.

“The rap sh*t get gangsta man,” he continued. “I come up where rappers shoot. There wasn’t no fighting in my area. We was shooting motherf*ckers. F*ck with me I’m blasting straight up. I aint got time to be playing with you. We gonna do this and end this now. It’s a different era and we don’t promote that. We not about that none of that, but I think sometimes things get out of hand and you just gotta be ready for whenever and however it do.”

As far as the Cash Money CEO can tell Drake isn’t at fault in this latest incident. He believes the Toronto rapper is just making good music and not looking for trouble.

“To me, Drizzy ain’t did nothin’ wrong, he ain’t done nothin’ wrong to nobody. He just doin’ great music,” Birdman said. “He’s not a reckless guy out there just wildin’ out; he’s a humble kid makin’ great music.”

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    yeh right. dude thinks he is a tough guy now he is going to rikers island idiot..

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