Prodigy Speaks On 50 Cent & G-Unit “50 Can Do No Wrong In My Eyes.” And Says He Doesn’t Care For Young Buck

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Vlad TV recently sat down with Prodigy of Mobb Deep to ask about his current relationship with G-Unit. Although he is no longer signed to the G-Unit label, P said he still has mad love for 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

“50, that’s my boy right there man. He can do no wrong in my eyes,” P said before explaining why the G-Unit deal dissolved after only one album.

Prodigy said there was a clause in their contract that allowed him and Havoc to leave if there was a lapse in distribution for G-Unit Records, which they took advantage of. He said that 50 approached him while he was locked up about doing another deal, but ultimately he and Hav decided it was best to go independent.

P also spoke on Young Buck.

“I like Young Buck’s music. Like when we first came around I started feeling his music and all that, but it’s just certain things that he was doing that just turned me off as far as like loyalty and other things like that,” P explained.

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