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Kate Upton Does The Cat Daddy Dance In A Swimsuit


Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton loves to dance. She always seems to be up on the latest and isn’t afraid to do her thing on camera. Can she dance? Who cares, just enjoy the show.

4 Responses to “Kate Upton Does The Cat Daddy Dance In A Swimsuit”

  1. tik Says:

    love it !!

  2. Hazeces Says:

    I like girls like this, that aren’t afraid to do their thing, and don’t worry about what other people think. Keep it up Kate!

  3. Mad N***a Says:

    I would fxck her up…

  4. Jaman Says:

    Tough choice. They both went for the easy sexaul innuendo, both went too far, and both leave me feeling like I just walked through a 1970 s Time Square porno theater. But I think Zoo York was a touch more offensive.

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